I think I've tried every diet known to woman. I've eaten grapefruit at odd times of the day and night, drank shakes, limited my carbs and been a member of gyms, clubs, programs and support groups. In other words, I've tried it all. To some, managing their weight seems easy. They go about their day not thinking, much less worrying, about their calorie intake. Others, my groupies, can smell cookies and gain three pounds. We know there's nothing easy about managing our weight. We understand the need for fat pants, the inaccuracy of every bathroom scale, and the agony of defeat. We know that our best efforts have failed.


And that's right where God needs us to be! Through my personal struggle with weight issues, physical limitations for activity, a metabolism as slow as molasses, my love for food, and firsthand knowledge of repeated failure, I've quit. I told God that I could no longer be in charge of this area of my life. I've searched the Scripture and found that God never intended for me to be in control. For years, I tried to be a ring master, directing the show. And my life concerning food became a circus.


It only took a few minutes for me to fall to my knees. I asked God to forgive me for trying to control my appetite and weight on my own. I asked him to intervene—to take over and take charge. I discovered that God would assume full responsibility for my life—including my weight—when I wholly yielded it to him. I spent hours devouring God's Word. I found Scriptures that applied to my circumstances, then personalized them by changing the pronouns and some of the verbs, claiming these Scriptures as my own. Daily, I prayed these words back to my Father God. And daily, my weight dropped.


Through Praying Scripture, I found God cared about my weight, my heart, and my dreams. I found power I didn't realize I could experience. His Word began to change me inside and out. You too can walk this journey of faith and experience the power of God's Word. You can discover that Scripture is for the "here and now" and is relevant to address our weight issues and all our health and diet concerns.


The Praying Scripture for a Dieter's Heart Flip Book includes more than 600 personalized verses that have changed my life. The thoughts included within the verses are for me and fellow dieters. These verses are not meant to be a substitute for Scripture, but an addition, bringing new insight, perspective, encouragement and hope as we move toward, reach and maintain our weight-loss goals.


Join me and use these verses when you pray. See what happens in your life when you speak words from His heart to yours and from your heart to His. Watch as God's Word rejuvenates and empowers you. Experience your faith expanding, as faith comes by hearing, reading, speaking, and living the Word of God.


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A Sample of Scriptures taken from the
Praying Scripture for a Dieter's Heart Flip Book


I don't gobble (I take time to enjoy) my food. I don't talk with my mouth full. And I don't stuff myself. I bridle my appetite. (I direct my cravings, I'm in charge of where, when and what eat.)
Proverbs 23:2-3 MSG


Clean my slate, God, so I can start the day fresh! Keep me from stupid sins, from thinking I can take over your work (succeed independently of you); then I can start this day sun-washed, scrubbed clean of the grime of sin. 
Psalm 19:13 MSG


If I'm hurting others (or myself) by the foods I eat (by being bulimic, a compulsive overeater, eating foods that harm my health or by being anorexic), I am not guided by love (for Christ, myself or others). I won't let my appetite destroy someone Christ died for.

Romans 14:15 CEV


I've hit bottom and cried my eyes out. (I've decided) the fun and games are over. I'm serious, really serious. I bow to my knees before my Master (asking him to intervene, to take over my life, my eating habits, and plan); I know it's the only way I'll get on my feet. 
James 4:9-10 MSG


Lord, trouble (temptations, and doubt that I'll ever change) has come upon me, war (my battle of the bulge), punishment (hating myself), sickness (fatigue), and (outright) hunger. I stand before you and present to you my Temple (my body) where you have chosen to be worshiped (and dwell). I cry out to you (in pain, with cravings that shout) and am troubled. You hearand will save me (and give me victory). 
2 Chronicles 20:9 NCV


God, you (not my favorite food) are my comfort (my peace, support, reassurance, companionship, and help) when I am very sad and when I am afraid. 
Jeremiah 8:18 NCV


I've made up my own mind. (God has given me the freedom to choose how I am going to eat.) If I choose to eat anything (not limiting the types of foods but quantity of), I do so in honor of the Lord, because I give thanks to God for the food. If I refuse to eat certain things (and restrict my diet), I do so in honor of the Lord, and I give thanks to God. 
Romans 14:5b, 6b GNT


"You have so little faith," Jesus said. "Why do you doubt me?" (Why do I doubt Jesus' ability to strengthen me, empower me, and move on my behalf? Why do I let myself ponder the lie that he doesn't care about me, my weight, or my health?) 
Matthew 14:31b NLT


I don't look for shortcuts. The market is flooded with surefire, easygoing formulas for a successful life that can be practiced in my spare time. I don't fall for that stuff, even though crowds of people do. I know the way to life … is vigorous (is to stop dieting and start living a quality, healthy lifestyle, thus feeling comfortable with my weight) and requires my total attention (consideration, dependence, and watching God at work). Matthew 7:13-14 MSG God tells prisoners (those who hide behind their weight or fear of failure, are bound by cravings or a distorted body image), "Come on out. You're free!" and those huddled in fear (anxiety, dread, worry, fearing that you won't change or are afraid of change), "It's all right. It's safe now." 
Isaiah 49:9a MSG


won't get tired of doing what is good (for my health). I won't get discouraged (even when I hit a plateau and haven't lost, but simply maintained my weight for weeks) and I won't give up, for I will reap a harvest of blessing at the appropriate time. 
Galatians 6:9 NLT


The best thing I can do right now is to finish what I started. I will do what I can, not what I can't. (Christ will do what I can't.)

2 Corinthians 8:10a, 12a MSG


God has sent a time of hunger to destroy me (so that I might be fully dependent upon him). 
Ezekiel 5:16a NCV


For as I think within myself so I am. (My thoughts determine my outcome. I must visualize myself at my ideal body weight. Right now, I can see where I'll be, what I'll be wearing, and I can feel how good it will feel.) 
Proverbs 23:7 NASB


I will sing of Your power (Your ability to help me succeed at losing weight). Yes, I will sing aloud of Your mercy each morning. 
Psalms 59:16a NLT


The best thing I can do is to enjoy (find pleasure in, not dread) eating, drinking, and working. I believe these are God's gifts to me
Ecclesiates 2:24 CEV