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Scripture Flip Books

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20 Something Girls
20 Something Guys
20 Something Girls $7.00
20 Something Guys $7.00

Red Cord

We've all been there—in overwhelming situations that appear far too big for us to handle, or where we saw "no way out." The story of Rahab and the Red Cord brings hope and provides a tangible reminder that God is faithful. You, too, can hang a Red Cord—a visible reminder and symbol of the faith you possess. This Red Cord can be the tool that redirects your thoughts, challenges your disbelief and reminds you of God's truths and faithfulness. When you or a loved one come to the "end of your rope" regarding some problem, I say, "Hang your Red Cord, tie a knot and hang on."

Large Cord & Card

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Hands on Faith Beach Balls

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Hands on Faith:
Mission Statement Beach Balls

The Hands-On Faith Mission Statement Beach Balls are designed with your family in mind. The questions asked will help your family "catch the vision" and create your own Family Mission Statement, declaring your beliefs, purposes, and goals. Have a "ball" creating your own Family Mission Statement while discovering what your family is all about.

Red & Blue

Hands on Faith: Family Fun Beach Balls

The Hands-On Faith Family Fun Beach Balls have been designed with your family in mind. Through them families can be strengthened. They provide an opportunity for families to play, have fun, laugh and learn. They promote communication, listening and understanding. They open doors to sharing that might otherwise remain closed. Through the questions asked, your family will receive rare and beautiful treasures.

Purple & Yellow

Illustory Kits

Help your child write and Illustrate a inspirational story. Capture your family vacation or treasure a memory forever!

Give your child the thrill of being a published author! Budding authors simply write and illustrate their story using the markers and special book pages included in the kit. We even include a story planner with popular age rated Bible story references and Christian story topic suggestions. The completed story pages are mailed to us in the postage paid envelope provided, or the book can be made entirely online using our Internet drawing and writing tools. In just a few short weeks you'll receive back a professionally typeset, hardbound book your author will want to show everyone! Finished books even include a title, dedication page and "About the Author" biography page to give it a truly professional touch.

IlluStory is a multi-award winning activity kit and perennial best seller because few products, if any, can build as much self esteem and excitement for reading and writing. The quality of the finished book is a tremendous value and rewards any level of effort. Extra books can be ordered and are the ultimate gift for family and friends, especially since each can be separately dedicated to the recipient. Ages 7 and up.


Christian Edition - $20.00
Among other things, also encourages kids to think about and express how being a Christian applies to their life.
Kids Edition

Anointing Oils

Use Anointing Oil as a symbol of your faith. Make your prayer time a time to remember. These oils are perfectly sized for pocket or purse making it convenient and handy when you need it.

Made with Pure Olive Oil and fragrance. Approx. 2-½" tall by 5/8" wide.

Anointing Oil...$4.00 each

Frankincense & Myrrh

Rose of Sharon
Lily of the Valley
Latter Rain

Prayer Rocks

Give a prayer rock to a friend as a constant reminder that you are praying for them. Use a prayer rock as part of a family game. The rock is hidden and when found, the one who finds it prays for his or her family, then hides the rock for the next family member to find. Prayer rocks are river rocks, 1 1/2 inches or more in width. They come with colored sheer pouch and an information explanation card.

Prayer Rocks...$4.00 each

CD's & DVD's by Janet

All I Know About Love, I've Learned from Others (CD)

Through "All I Know About Love, I've Learned from Others," Janet leaves her audience laughing and in awe. By the examples of others and God's redeeming grace, you will leave knowing how deeply loved you are and be challenged to be an "other" to the world.


Taking a Stand (CD)

Taking a Stand is a true story about Janet, a sixteen-year-old girl who trusted her orthopedic surgeons through ten knee surgeries. She believed her doctors when they told her that her poor surgical outcome was due to the way God made her. Conquering the seeming impossible, she rose from her wheelchair, faced the parallel bars, and met her challenge—walking!


Treasures in a Gift (Christmas DVD)

In Janet's celebration of Christmas, she shares with her audience the true meaning of Christmas, love of family, and gifts of the heart. She concludes with her personal testimony. Only after Janet coached a woman through childbirth and was given the privilege of becoming the baby's adopted mother, did she finally understand the meaning of God's great gift to mankind.


Can You Sleep When the Wind Blows? (CD)

What do you do when the winds of adversity blow through your life? Are you spiritually, mentally, and physically prepared, so you have nothing to fear? Through Janet's presenation, "Can You Sleep when the Wind Blows?" you'll hear God's promises and discover that you can withstand the storms in life and find peace in the midst.