We've all been there...


-in overwhelming situations that appear far too big for us to handle, or where we saw "no way out." The story of Rahab brings hope and provides a tangible reminder that God is faithful. The encounter of Rahab and the Red Cord can be found in Joshua chapter two.


After Moses died, Joshua sent two spies into Jericho to check out the land, for they were preparing to invade the city. Once inside the city gates, the spies entered the home of a woman named Rahab. There they found safety. Rahab risked her life by hiding them under the stalks of flax she had laid out on her roof. That night, Rahab showed courage and declared her faith in the God of Joshua saying, "For the LORD your God is God in heaven above and on the earth below," Joshua 2:11b. Rahab then pleaded with the spies to show kindness to her family and to spare them when they conquered her land. She also asked for a sign that assured her that she and her family would not be not be put to death.


The spies found safety and "a way out" when Rahab placed a scarlet-red rope through her window. The spies used it to lower themselves down the wall and hide in the hills. Yet, before the spies escaped, they had instructed Rahab to gather her family, and then tie her Red Cord in her window. The spies gave their word that when they returned they would look for the Red Cord and if they saw it, everyone in Rahab's household would be saved.


Rahab hung the Red Cord from her window in faith and obedience. Each day this Cord reminded her of the God in which she clung to. In time, the spies returned, fulfilling their promise. Rahab and her family were saved. Her courageous faith is recorded in the "Hall of Faith," found in Hebrews chapter eleven. Yes, Rehab stepped out in faith and trusted, despite her past, vulnerability, rejection, fear for her life, and human odds against her. God used Rahab's simple faith and her willingness to save the spies. Rahab used her Red Cord to remind her of her future and the fact that God was using her to accomplish His will.


You, too, can hang a Red Cord—a visible reminder and symbol of the faith you possess. This Red Cord can be the tool that redirects your thoughts, challenges your disbelief and reminds you of God's truths and faithfulness. When you or a loved one come to the "end of your rope" regarding some problem, I say, "Hang your Red Cord, tie a knot and hang on."




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A Red Cord Prayer


The King will reply, "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me." 

Matthew 25:40


God, the nightly news broadcast was too much. A glance around the world showed one heartbreak after another. In many languages and in a variety of ways, people are suffering. What the tsunami and hurricane didn't sweep away, life as people knew has vanished. War and threats of war are realities of the day. I live on the edge, watching and waiting to see what happens next.


Show me how I can help those who are suffering. Remind me of the incredible power of prayer. Watch to see how I use the gifts You've blessed me with. Accept my sacrificial offering, not from my excesses, but from my heart. I give You my best. Yes, today I will be Your hands and feet. Through my actions—You will speak louder than words.


Father, provide shelter for those who lack, food for those whose stomachs ache, a night of peace for those who fear. Touch the world in a way that only its Creator can.


Today I hang the Red Cord to remind me that God has the wholeworld in His hands.