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What a blessing it was to have Janet & Keri join us for our women's retreat this year.  Our Girlfriends Getaway was just that!  Women came to make better connections with old & new friends, as well as draw closer to God.  Janet's sessions were not only emotionally moving, engaging and entertaining, but also Scripturally sound & true!  Janet & Keri were also available to chat and connect with women on a personal level.  Women have been e-mailing since our retreat ended, telling me that this year was one of the best and Janet & Keri made it so.  Their love for God and for the women was real and genuine and it showed in all that was said and done!
Mary Cay Nilsen, Director, CBNE Women's Retreat, New York

I really want to thank you for such a great retreat weekend. You spoke about the hard stuff, that no one likes to speak about, but yet you re-assured me that I did not have to be ashamed for how I felt, and you also re-assured me that I am not alone. In a loving way you showed me how my excuses are hurting me and that my excuses are no longer an option for me to live by today, Thank You.  You made me aware that other Christian woman feel like me. You and Keri were so real and never once did I ever feel like you were above me, up on a pedastal. Thank You for being approachable, real, down to earth, available, loving, caring, and supportive. I felt like I was an equal with you struggling, and an equal giving up my bricks. I no longer have to be held hostage by my labels that I give myself. I am asking the Lord to remove my temptation when I want to pick up my bricks. Thank You for taking the time with me and the other woman, and being available to all of us during the weekend.
God Bless -- Karen Mayer

"Thanks for the wonderful weekend I was spiritually starving and now I'm filled."
Linda Goetz, Voyagers Bible Church, Irvine, CA

Janet spoke at our Ladies Outreach Tea. We couldn't have been happier with her talk. Everyone loved her message. Our board was so pleased with the stories she told, the way she tied in the gospel and shared how much God loves each of us. From her talk, All I Know About Love, I’ve learned from Others, Janet inspired all of us to go and be “an other” in the lives of people we know and meet. Our tea was so successful. We really appreciate everything Janet did for us and for our event.
Wendy Winningham-- Agoura Bible Fellowship

"Janet is an inspiring example of courage, determination, and strength. She loves to speak to my nursing students to bring an awareness of the importance of ethics and integrity and to uphold the virtue of trust between a patient and nurse. I am blessed to not only have her as a guest speaker but to call her my friend!"
Sandra James, RN, BSN, PHN, MSN

"At the ladies tea today. Janet Lynn Mitchell spoke. Amazing! One of the best things I took from it was.... 'It's easy to be guided by a God who doesn't make mistakes'."
Tina Ham Ekman

Enthusiastic, energetic, loving, and caring, is how I would describe Janet Lynn Mitchell. She is a Christian woman whose love for Jesus is contagious! Her passion for speaking and sharing her faith is evident to all who hear her. Janet’s testimony has inspired many to never give up hope. As a pastor’s wife, Janet’s book and life have personally encouraged me. I highly recommend Janet to speak for your next event. You, too, are certain to be blessed.
Maureen Purdy—Pastor’s Wife -- Trinity United Presbyterian Church, Santa Ana, California

Janet is an excellent speaker. She comes well prepared and communicates in a fun, upbeat manner. With ease she brings her message to the audience. I have personally booked Janet for three events and will use her again. Janet is at the top of my speakers list and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. As a guest speaker—you can’t go wrong!
Grace Paladino--Chair of the Prime Timers- Trinity United Presbyterian Church, Santa Ana, California

"I attended a Queen's Banquet by accident. Yet, now I believe it wasn't an accident at all. Janet's message changed my life—and changed it forever."
Shelia, Sacramento, California

"Our Girlfriend Getaway was actually held on the side of an active volcano here in Hawaii.  But that didn't faze Janet Mitchell a bit!  Armed with her faith in Jesus and the message that He has given her, she braved the Trans Pacific flight to the Big Island, along with her faithful assistant Keri Spring.  And we're SO glad that they did!  Janet's challenges to us come from a heart that had deep wounds that only Jesus could heal.  Her submission to His will for her demonstrates what power we possess over the Enemy when we view the world thru Jesus' eyes and not our own.  Our weekend was full of laughter, tears, and occasional "ouches" as Janet touched on areas of our own wounds.  But she didn't leave us wounded.  She gave us practical advice in how to move past the hurts to healing.  Her transparency led us to an amazing share and prayer time at the end of our retreat.  Mahalo nui loa, Janet and Keri, for allowing the Lord to use you to touch our lives."
Margie Campbell, Grace Community Church, Kona,HI

"Janet showed that God knows the importance of friends in each season of our life by focusing on women in Scripture gathered together as friends. Her love of Jesus is evident throughout her sessions. Janet uses her gifts to present the importance of nurturing friendships and demonstrating how God uses simple words and acts in powerful ways. She gave us a treat by sharing her friend Keri with us for the weekend."
Sharlynne Perry-- Grace Community Church-- Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

"I contacted Patsy Clairmont, looking for a speaker for my Christian sorority's fall retreat, and was referred to Janet, for which I am so thankful! Everything about Janet's message was wonderful, even preparing for it. Communication was frequent and friendly, her ideas and topics were applicable, and when she finally came to speak to our girls, I was impressed with her story, her delivery and her ability to relate to sorority girls in the same message. Her reminder of hope was reassuring and refreshing presentation and personality touched many ladies in ways I had prayed and hoped for. Weeks later, I hear many ladies referencing challenges Janet delivered in her talks, or verses she quoted. She truly made our retreat something to be remembered and reflected upon!" 
Leah Fiddler, USC Student

"Janet spoke at the Women's Tea with over 300 women and we had so many positive and appreciative comments about Janet's talk. What she spoke about resonated with so many women in so many ways and on so many levels. She is unique in that she has had a serious and meaningful message, cleverly packaged in a gentle and playful way. Our women loved her and I am so grateful for sharing her powerful and encouraging story."
Mary Hughes, Special Event Coordinator -- The Grove Community Church

"Janet Lynn is phenomenal. She truly cares for women and that is so obviousOur Women's retreat was wonderful! I loved how Janet Lynn wove in stories from the Old and New Testaments and from her life.  We were challenged. We can change our lives, forgive the past, live life to the fullest, and accept Christ's best for us. We can support and encourage our Girlfriends. I loved the video clips included in Janet's talks. They reminded me of Rob Bell's Nooma series which touch me deeply. I cried many tears…good tears. Cleansing tears. I feel forgiven for past sins."
Chris Elias-- First Presbyterian Church Granada Hills, California

"At our 2007 women's retreat, I talked with Janet privately about a sin I had committed in 1983. Janet asked me if I had asked God for his forgiveness. I answered, "Yes." Yet, after talking with her, it was clear that I need to forgive myself too. Up until the "Girlfriend's Get Away" and hearing Janet's message, I had not felt worthy of God's forgiveness and doubted I could ever forgive myself. Janet then said something to me that changed my life. "I think it's time that you become your own best friend. It's time you visualize yourself twenty-four years ago, then grab yourself by the hand and say, 'Come on, let's move forward.'" This weekend and one extra moment with Janet's insight seemed to help me more than 1.5 years of counseling. And today, I love me!"
Finally totally forgiven and CELEBRATING!-- A very grateful woman

"Need a fun, humble, Biblically sound speaker for your next retreat? Then choose Janet. It was such a blessing to have her in New York for our Women's Retreat. Janet's passion and joy for the Lord were evident throughout each session and every aspect of her ministry. Her amazing ability of using illustrations from the Bible, blended with her life's story, captivated our woman. I can assure you that Janet's ministry has touched us for life."
Keri Spring, Women's Retreat Chair, Ellicottville, NY

"I have to thank Janet again for being the speaker at the Girlfriend Getaway in New Mexico 2007. The talks she gave and the conversations we had helped to put me back in a place I needed to be. I thank Janet for being an instrument of God and giving me the push I needed to get my life back on track. If it hasn't been for her talk illustrated by using bricks, I may have never decided to give 110% to my diabetes and I definitely wouldn't have been healthy enough to ride in the Tour de Cure. Thank you!"
Courtney Benefiel, Retreat Attendee, Albuquerque, NM

"We were blessed to have Janet our Women's Retreat speaker.  Her very relevant topic, "Are You Able to Sleep when the Wind Blows", promised that we would learn to deal with difficult times in our lives.  Janet's own captivating story, skillfully woven into her talks, helped convince us that trust in the Lord, forgiveness, supporting one another, and praying scripture would help us get through our own trials. Her sessions were eloquently presented, tailored to an intergenerational audience, and included a variety of activities.  Janet is an amazing woman, with great depth, sensitivity, and humor, and she has a joy for the Lord and a trust that is contagious.  It was a very memorable weekend for our women." 
Marcia Cooley, Retreat Chairman -- Covenant Presbyterian Church, Orange, CA

"Janet is a versatile speaker with a passion for her audience. Our women's group of approximately 200 enjoyed her testimony "Taking a Stand" so much that we invited her back to keynote our Christmas brunch. I can honestly say that Janet touched every woman in the room. Janet is delightful and her "Red Cord" is unforgettable. I look forward to our next experience together." 
Laurie Wren, Vice President -- Mountain Christian Fellowship, Lake Arrowhead, CA

"Thank you for the wonderful heartfelt message and the practical tools and techniques you brought to the MOPS groups of Saddleback Church. The women left that morning feeling encouraged and inspired by not only your message and shared personal life experiences, but also by your clever creativeness in teaching them how to keep Christ at the center of their families."
Stacey Woodhart Women's Ministries/MOPS Community Leader, Saddleback Church, CA

"I am the speaker coordinator for the MOPS group at the First Baptist Church of West Los Angeles. Janet spoke to our group this last year on "Family Nights." She truly was the most popular speaker of the year. Many of the moms have implemented her ideas within their homes. We look forward to Janet returning this year, bless us again."
Brenda Hailey, MOPS Speaker Coordinator-- First Baptist Church of West Los Angeles

"Janet Mitchell 's story is a dynamic testimony to God's faithfulness and grace. In His power, she faces remarkable obstacles and trusts God to bring justice in an unjust situation. Once you begin her story, you won't want to stop. And your faith and trust in God will grow." 
Kathy Collard Miller - Speaker and Author

"Janet's story is a true example of how one woman allowed God to heal her anger and then allowed Him to use her life's experience to make a difference for others who face similar challenges."
H. Norman Wright - Psychologist, Author and Speaker

"As a reporter for the Orange County Register, I have written many stories that elicited response from readers, but few have generated the kind of overwhelming outpouring as the story of what Janet Mitchell has endured and overcome. Following the release of her story, people from across the nation wanted to share their own tales of woe with Janet Mitchell - her story spoke to them." 
Mayrav Saar - The Orange County Register

"Janet's "Hand's On" Faith and Family Night seminars were very well received at Forest Home Family Camps. Time and again our guests expressed appreciation for the number of creative, practical ideas which Janet brought to them. At the core of her teaching is an obvious passion that family relationships be centered on none other than Jesus Christ."
Peggy Heyden - Forest Home Christian Conference Center