What does a person do when he or she is victim of medical negligence and/or fraud?
How does one hang onto his/her faith during such a crisis?

I suggest the following steps:

•  Get the facts . Ask questions, research and request your medical records. Do not waste precious time and energy on the "what ifs." What if this happened. . .? Know that God is in control of your life despite what you might think, see or feel. Trust in His sovereignty.


•  Allow yourself to feel the range of emotions that come with disappointment, betrayal, and loss. Understand that it's okay to be angry and that Psalm 3:3 states that God is the "lifter of your head."


•  Know that God is the expert at bringing good out of evil. Cling to His promises in Scripture. Expect God to act on your behalf and meet your every need. He has never forsaken those who trust in Him.


•  Forgive the doctors and the medical professional who caused you harm. Understand that forgiveness is not a feeling you come to, but an act of obedience to God. Know that forgiveness never changes the past-it only frees your future.


•  Report your "medical mishap" to the medical board of your state. Let them investigate and take action as deemed necessary.


- Your state's medical board contact information can be found here

- Joint Commission can be found here

- Joint Commission International can be found here.

•  Ask God to show you how to move forward with your life.


•  Become an informed, educated medical consumer.


•  Trust again. Seek medical attention as needed. Know that God uses the hands of health care providers to heal.

•  To see a list of things you can do in order to prevent mishaps with your treatment, click here.